01 and 02 Virtual Local Numbers

People are much more likely to call a local number over a national number especially if they are looking for a tradesperson, local store or a taxi.


Why buy a geographic number?

Local Numbers in the 01 and 02 range are popular among local businesses. Such as Tradespeople, local stores and taxis.

Our most popular
Using an 01/02 number makes your company look local. Most people prefer to call a local number.
Low call Cost
01/02 numbers cost the same as calling a landline. Calls are free if you have inclusive minutes.
Every town and city
We have local virtual numbers for every UK town and city.
Growth Accelerator
You can expand your company's reach and advertise in new areas.
Prevent people from calling your mobile by having them call your virtual number instead.
Wide Selection
We have a wide selection of local numbers available, from basic numbers to super memorable numbers.


Everything you need to manage your calls
Management Console
You'll have access to our custom built management console so you can monitor and make changes to you numbers, anywhere, at anytime on any device.
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Call Analytics
We provide a full featured call analytics dashboard so you can see where your calls come from, to which number along with when the call was made.
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Missed Call Alerts
Receive either an email or an SMS whenever you miss a call, enabling you to ensure you get back to your customers.
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Unable to answer the phone, no worries, have your customers leave you a recorded message so you can get back to them when you're available.
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Call Greeting
Ensure all of your customers are greeted in the same professional and welcoming manner, to help strengthen your brand's image.
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Call Recording
Automatically record all of your calls, whether for regualtory reasons or for staff training and quality control reasons.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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