Bolt Ons

Add the features you need to each of your numbers

All of our features can be used by each of your numbers individually. You only have to pay for what you use. To get the price for each feature please contact us.
Our call management features give you the ability to only pay for the features you need.
Only pay for the features you use.

Call Blocking

Block up to 20 numbers or ranges to stop receiving unwanted calls.

Call Greeting

Start your calls off with a professional call greeting.

Missed Call Alert

Never miss out on an opportunity.
Voicemail Pro
Enhance your voicemail with a custom greeting using Voicemail Pro.

Call Whisper

Hear the number that has been dialled before you answer the call.

Forward To All

Ring all of your destinations at the same time and answer your calls faster.

Hunt Group Pro

Ring up to 10 destinations consecutively to increase your chance of answering the call.

Call Screening

Choose whether you want to answer the call or not by identifying the number.

Time Based Forwarding

Choose the best time to receive calls that best suits your business.

Number Presentation

Enables you to see the dialled number before answering the call.

Information Line

Enables you to deliver the same voice message to all of your callers.

Ring Groups

Enables you to distribute your inbound calls as you wish.

UK Ringtone

Play a UK Ringtone on any calls diverted to foreign destinations.

Call Queuing

Enables you to manage multiple inbound callers without going to voicemail.

Virtual Receptionist

Direct your callers to the correct destination to best suit their needs.

Outbound Calls

Enables you to make outbound calls using your Hotchilli virtual number.

Call Recording

Easily record your inbound calls using myPlatform.
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