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Hotchilli Communications
- is a provider of Internet and Telecom services based in the UK and is one of the UK's fastest growing and profitable companies. Offering both packaged solutions and traditional standalone services using both Internet and Telecom technologies, with clients ranging from SME to Corporate, resellers/affiliates to end users. The main core infrastructure is in Telehouse London and services offered include Server and Website hosting, broadband, leased lines, VOIP, traditional telecoms, IVR, SMS.

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Service Level Agreements
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A company’s success today is integrally linked with its information technology (IT) services. Any disruptions or degradations in IT service can cause serious, even catastrophic, damage to business. That means IT professionals are under considerable pressure to ensure that required IT service levels are delivered to users.
Considering the complexity and dynamic nature of today’s enterprise networks, it can be quite a challenge to achieve the high levels of service users require and demand.

Hotchilli has developed three levels of SLA as follows:

Service Level Agreements
Telephone Support
0900 to 1730
Monday to Friday
0900 to 1730
7 days a week
24 hours a day
7 days a week
Email Support
0900 to 1730
Monday to Friday
0900 to 1730
7 days a week
0900 to 1730
7 days a week
Server Monitoring (IP)    
- 4 services
Connectivity not less than
Guaranteed bandwidth
12 month fixed price term

Bandwidth Options (Kbps)
650GB pcm
325GB pcm
160GB pcm
80GB pcm
40GB pcm
20GB pcm
Price per month

95th Percentile Method
All our bandwidth is measured using the industry standard 95th percentile method. This involves taking samples of the throughput once every 5 minutes, collecting all these samples over a 30 day period, sorting them in order and discarding the top 5%. The 95th percentile left is the figure used for charging.

This eliminates all the highest level spikes often seen in bandwidth graphs and is the fairest way for both ISP and customer to charge for bandwidth. By using this method, the customer benefits by getting the highest bandwidth usage for 37 hours each month free of charge!