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Hotchilli Communications
- is a provider of Internet and Telecom services based in the UK and is one of the UK's fastest growing and profitable companies. Offering both packaged solutions and traditional standalone services using both Internet and Telecom technologies, with clients ranging from SME to Corporate, resellers/affiliates to end users. The main core infrastructure is in Telehouse London and services offered include Server and Website hosting, broadband, leased lines, VOIP, traditional telecoms, IVR, SMS.

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Secure Backup
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Backup your Server with Hotchilli DataVault and have peace of mind. Whether your requirement is to back-up daily or weekly the Hotchilli DataVault can alleviate the potential loss of data due to viruses, hackers, hard-drive crashes, power failures, accidental deletions and other user errors.

Fast, easy, secure automated Backup
Provides fast, easy, secure and fully automated data Backup and Restore, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
System Rollback
Ensures rapid, anytime and anywhere system rollback due to virus damage, user error, displaced workers, and lost or stolen computers with Heal.
Retrieve from web browser
Allows users to retrieve their backup data from any web browser with web-restore.
Reduce Costs
Hotchilli DataVault keeps your data secure and your maintenance cost down to the minimum.
24 Hour Access
24 x 7 x 365 access and availability to full-system Backup and rollback.
448-bit Encryption
The industry standard for secure transmission of files encrypts data in transit and in archive. Your data is decrypted on your computer not on ours meaning that you are the only one with access to it.
Customer Support
FREE web and email-based support for administrator and individual users; pay-as-you-go phone support is also available.

Please note: To use DataVault you will need a broadband connection and a Windows operating system.


Up to and including            
10 GB            
5 GB            
2 GB            
1 GB            
600 MB            
300 MB            
Monthly Fee £10.00 £18.00 £25.00 £40.00 £70.00 £120.00
Annual Fee £110.00 £198.00 £275.00 £440.00 £770.00 £1,320.00
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Terms and Conditions
Download our DataVault Terms and Conditions here

How It Works
Using a Windows Explorer like interface (see example below), select the data you want to backup and schedule a backup time and frequency (such as every night at 11:00 PM). That's it!

Example of Backup Interface:

Hotchilli DataVault backup is fully automated, after your file selection and scheduling, your files are automatically backed up at the specified time.

When the time comes for your first backup, Hotchilli DataVault:
1. Compresses your data.
2. Encrypts the data using 448 BIT Blowfish encryption (this is one hundred times more secure than an ATM transaction).
3. Transmits the data to Hotchilli DataVault security center with the following security features:
24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, guards, digital cameras, biometrics, password, firewalls, etc.
4. Once the initial backup is complete, Hotchilli DataVault checks your files for changes, backing up only the bits that have been changed on each file. This provides a fast and more reliable backup process. With Hotchilli DataVault, you won't have to do anything once your backup is scheduled, no more tapes to keep track of and transport to off-site locations.

Hotchilli DataVault provides you instant access to 7, 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 historical versions of your files ... just two mouse clicks and your files are restored. Just select the files you want to restore and click the "Restore Now" button.

Using Hotchilli DataVault ensures that your data can be replaced any time, onto any computer, as often as necessary, even with no backup software installed, open your web browser and restore. It really is that simple!!!

Hotchilli DataVault provides you with three levels of data encryption. By default, the client installs to the most secure encryption algorithm available today. If you have a Pentium computer or compatible, your system will handle this encryption with ease.

Secure Blowfish (Default)
The Blowfish algorithm uses a massive 448-bit encryption. This encryption method is being used by several fortune 500 and the military.
Triple-DES algorithm uses a 192-bit key length and provides very strong protection. Triple-DES is more secure than DES and is stronger than the encryption used by some banks.
DES algorithm uses a 128-bit key length and provides strong encryption. The DES algorithm was the standard for the USA government for more than 20 years. Most likely your bank is using this method to encrypt your transactions.
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