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Hotchilli Communications
- is a provider of Internet and Telecom services based in the UK and is one of the UK's fastest growing and profitable companies. Offering both packaged solutions and traditional standalone services using both Internet and Telecom technologies, with clients ranging from SME to Corporate, resellers/affiliates to end users. The main core infrastructure is in Telehouse London and services offered include Server and Website hosting, broadband, leased lines, VOIP, traditional telecoms, IVR, SMS.

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SDSL Broadband

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If you use our  unlimited broadband service   then our Fair Use Policy applies to you.

1. To ensure everyone gets a fair share of our High Performance we have implemented a 'Fair Use' policy with a 200GB per month. Once the allowance is hit, users will still be able to connect – but limited to below table transfer rate.
1 Mbps
FTTC below 80/20
FTTC 80/20 or above
2 Mbps
2. Why have one?
Well it's designed to make sure your broadband service is fast and reliable whenever you use it. Some of our broadband customers use file sharing software and download large files like music and videos. This uses up lots of network capacity leaving less available for you. If they're doing this, it could mean that the speed of your broadband service will be affected.
3. Am I likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy?
If you don't use file sharing software or download large files from the Internet it's unlikely you'll ever be affected by this policy.

What will happen if my use is very high?
If you only occasionally have very high usage, we're unlikely to be concerned unless it becomes a regular occurrence. If this does happen then we'll get in touch to help you find ways to reduce your usage.

If your usage continues to be very high, we'll get in touch again. Ultimately, if your usage still remains excessive despite our attempts to help you reduce it, we may have to suspend your service and possibly close your account.

We don't want to do that, and with your support and goodwill we'll work with you to see if we can avoid this happening.

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