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Hotchilli Communications
- is a provider of Internet and Telecom services based in the UK and is one of the UK's fastest growing and profitable companies. Offering both packaged solutions and traditional standalone services using both Internet and Telecom technologies, with clients ranging from SME to Corporate, resellers/affiliates to end users. The main core infrastructure is in Telehouse London and services offered include Server and Website hosting, broadband, leased lines, VOIP, traditional telecoms, IVR, SMS.

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Hotchilli is a leading Internet Service Provider whose corporate clients include Norwich Union, Ford, Ericsson, Saatchi and Saatchi, Spar, Emap, Save the Children, Oxford University, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and various NHS and Government bodies.
Customer Service Customers are our bread and butter - without them we wouldn't have a business and therefore we treat our customers and prospective customers with the utmost respect and courtesy. Any customer or Prospect contacting us during business hours will get a response on the same day. Every single Hotchilli customer is allocated an Account Manager and most of our staff will know our customers by name. Technical Support is given free of charge by telephone and email during business hours and we also provide a wide range of tools and help files to our customers. We are registered under Data Protection Act (Reg. No. Z5612337) and operate an official Complaints Procedure.

Experience Hotchilli has over 7 years experience in building, managing and running computer networks. We have provided network services for clients such as The Ford Motor Company, the Essex Health Authority and 5 other major UK based Internet Service Providers (ISPs). We were one of the first ISPs in the UK to provide a mixture of hosting solutions based on different platforms (such as Linux, Windows, Cold Fusion, etc) and one of the first ISPs in the UK to provide bespoke packages to Virtual Internet Service Providers (VISPs) and Resellers. The directors, managers and most of the staff at Hotchilli have been cutting their teeth on the Internet since it's conception and have a vast wealth of expertise and experience in the Internet industry.

Speed and Reliability Hotchilli are independently rated as one of the Top 10 major hosting ISPs in the UK by Zeus Technologies, our network at TELEHOUSE Europe is tested for speed and availability 24 hours a day, reports can be found at www.webperf.net. Our network is made up of multiple 100MB lines connected directly to the Internet backbone in TELEHOUSE Europe and uses Cisco hardware. It is constantly monitored in real-time and a member of the support team is alerted via email and SMS on a 24-7-365 basis in the event of any network disruption. We have peering agreements with LONAP, LIPEX and Exchange Point which allows us to peer with all the major ISPs and Telecom companies in the UK.

Location Our network and all of our hardware is located in TELEHOUSE Europe, the largest and most successful Data Centre in Europe. This facility is the primary site for The London Internet Exchange (LINX) and provides the best possible peering opportunities with all major UK, European and Global Carriers. The TELEHOUSE Europe site has 24x7x365 Site Monitoring, Proximity Card Reader Access Control, Video Surveillance, Dry Fill Sprinkler System and multiple external power feeds are supported by UPS and generator back up to give seamless power continuity under any circumstances.

Quality At Hotchilli we recognise that there are many choices in the ISP market - to stay ahead of the pack we have to be hotter. We focus on what we call the 3Qs: Quality of Support, Quality of Service and Quality of Infrastructure - the criteria that make a real difference to our clients. We regularly run appraisals on all staff members, monitor all company communications (both inbound and outbound) and ask our customers for their feedback to ensure that we are offering the best possible service and meeting with people's expectations.

Flexibility Another reason for Hotchilli standing out from the crowd is the wide range of Internet solutions available. We have the most comprehensive range of solutions available from any ISP in Europe. From Web site and application hosting using Linux, Windows, Cold Fusion, PHP, ASP, MySQL and SQL 2000, to solutions using Server Clustering and Load Balancing, to providing Leased lines and VPN solutions, to providing co-location and rack space to Reseller, ISPs and VISPs, we have the experience, knowledge and capacity to provide a solution that is right for you.

Accreditations, Registrations and Memberships Hotchilli is a Sun Cobalt True Blue Partner, a ColdFusion Solutions Provider, RIPE Members, a Nominet UK Member, LONAP members, Exchange Point members and LIPEX members and registered Business Link 'Internet Consultants'.